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I am a wife and mother and am so grateful for my beautiful family.  My husband and son are very supportive and complimentary to me and enjoy opening my door, helping me with my coat, and any other “chivalrous” act they can think of.  I enjoy being treated like a princess!

I am an entrepreneur, and have a variety of “businesses” that I pursue.  I am a Certified Dream Coach and I LOVE taking people through the Dream Coach process.  There is nothing like helping someone figure out what they are passionate about, building dreams or goals that resonate to their very core, and devising a plan to make those dreams a reality.  

I LOVE glass – several years ago I took a class on how to make glass beads (lampworking) and am now happily addicted to glass!!  I also enjoy fusing glass, and am learning several techniques to use my glass creations in various types of jewellry.  I never thought I was artistic until I met glass!!

I have a heart for women and want to make them feel special, encouraged, and “seen”.  My birthstone is a ruby, and I’ve recently been pondering the Proverbs 31 woman a lot (and co-leading a Bible study on her) and hence the title of this blog.  I love hearts and draw them all the time, and have had a “butterfly” thing  for about the last year and a half, so this “theme” page was ideal! (And who doesn’t like pink?)

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